Deji's Painting Gallery
Chicken Couple, 1973
Mona Lady, 1974
Dawn of the Day, 1975
Fruit Pecker, 1976
Beach Model, 1976
Masquerader, 1977
African Fiddler, 1977
Hunty Lion, 1977
Flora, 1977
Fruity, 1981
Mother Bird, 1981
Palm Lake , 1981
Epe River, 1981
Modela Modelo, 1981
Corn Island, 1982
Dancerama, 1986
Floridating, 1986
Rosy, 1988
Ocean to Horizon, 1995

Heart of Love, 1995
Mother Africa, 1996
United Flowers, 1997
Prairie View, 1997

Oklahoma, 2004

Tennessee, 2004
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